The Project

Murray Hill Co-Op

The Transformation

Several days after my client moved into his new apartment with only five pieces of furniture – a desk, a bed, a collapsible table, a lawn chair and a side table used to prop up his soon-to-be enlarged TV – I met with him and begin discussing a plan for his new space.

The objective for this New York City, first-time buyer was a design that was low maintenance, reflected his young, laid-back lifestyle and was anything but a typical bachelor pad. By using a grey-toned, monochromatic color palette mixed with organic elements, we created a masculine, warm and inviting environment that flowed throughout the one bedroom apartment.

When selecting furniture we emphasized characteristics such as easy care and practicality. This led us to purchase pieces like the distressed coffee table, which will continue to add charm as it ages, as well as the black-frosted, glass-top desk that provides a durable work surface that will not stain and will easily wipe clean. The desk also incorporated a key organizational element – a false wall to hide and organize all the electronic wires in order to avoid unsightly visual clutter.

Living Area I – Before

Living Area I – After

Living Area II – Before

Living Area II – After

Living Area III – Before

Living Area III – After

Living Area IV – Before

Living Area IV – After

Living Area IV – After

Living Area IV – After

Living Area IV – After

Living Area V – After

Bedroom I – Before

Bedroom I – After

Bedroom II – Before

Bedroom II – After