The Project

Connecticut Closet

The Transformation

A couple hours north of New York City in a gorgeous, peaceful town in Connecticut lies a 300 square foot closet that once needed an organizational makeover. It was something my client had tried to do on her own, but she would often feel stuck or overwhelmed. However, after going through several life changes she was determined to climb the mountain. This time she started with some small steps – a video consultation with me and a color consultation with a stylist who educated her on the proper colors to wear for her skin tone.

Armed with her new color cards (a helpful benchmark for deciding keep vs. toss) and me by her side, we tackled over 12 years worth of clothing and accessories. We edited her wardrobe down to her favorite and best-suited pieces. After sending nearly 30 large, black trash bags to friends and a local charity, we spent time thoughtfully organizing the closet for function and style. The finished closet was a space that allowed my client to have more fun, as well as get dressed more quickly and easily every day. The changes even simplified her packing and unpacking routines for travel. At the end of the project, my client felt lighter, calmer and couldn’t stop smiling.

Since completing her closet, we have gradually worked on many spaces throughout her home with a continued focus simplicity and organized living.

Closet Entrance View – Before

Closet Entrance View – After

North Wall of Closet – Before

North Wall of Closet – After

South Wall of Closet – Before

South Wall of Closet – After

East Wall of Closet – Before

East Wall of Closet – After

West Wall of Closet – Before

West Wall of Closet – After

Bag Closet – Before

Bag Closet I – After

Bag Closet II – After

Sweater Closet I – Before

Sweater Closet I – After

Sweater Closet I – After

Sweater Closet II – Before

Sweater Closet II – After

Sweater Closet II – After