The Project

West Chelsea Apartment

The Transformation

When working with 180 square feet you need to make every inch count and this studio apartment in West Chelsea was no exception. In order to transform this tight space into a stylish and comfortable retreat for a young, New York City professional, we utilized some newly purchased pieces of furniture, as well as several pieces that followed the client from his childhood. By sticking to a natural toned color palette, introducing under-the-bed storage and using properly sized furniture, as well as furniture with ample storage, we were able to create a space that was welcoming, efficient, easy to maintain and even allowed some room to grow.

After living comfortably and organized in the apartment for seven years, the client has happily upgraded to a larger but equally well organized one bedroom apartment.

Before I

After I

Before II

After II

After III

After IV

Creating a functional kitchen when there are no drawers or counter space for dish drying