For as long as I can remember, I have had a knack for helping others with their organization and design dilemmas. From assisting my first-grade teacher in organizing her classroom to working with the constraints of a 200 square foot Manhattan apartment, organization and design have always played an integral role in my life. Even as young as six years old, I was exhibiting a gift for the chores that most children loathed – while other kids were playing with G.I. Joe, I was voluntarily (and alphabetically) organizing my parents’ VHS tapes and rearranging the furniture in our home.

In 2008, I put my lifelong passion to use and began helping others live more efficiently through organization and design. By collaborating with clients, I have been able to provide custom solutions that blend with their lifestyles and transform their homes into thoughtfully arranged and inviting spaces.

Along the way, I’ve been grateful for opportunities to share my creative eye and organizational knowledge with a wider audience. Some highlights include appearing on Good Morning America and as a regular guest on Katie Couric’s talk show, Katie, as well as in the pages of O magazine, InStyle, Real Simple, The New York Times and with my column, ‘Ask Jeffrey,’ in Good Housekeeping (among others).

In all the work I do, my ultimate goal is to help others live a simplified, organized and beautiful life. At the beginning of each project I am presented with an array of loose puzzle pieces, which by the end have been formed into a piece of art. The process is incredibly rewarding and the relationships that are formed during the creative journey are very special. The relief and elation of a client at the final reveal is what truly drives the work.

I graciously welcome the opportunity to begin a new creative journey with you. So, please email me and let’s discuss how we can collaborate on your very own project. I look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you complete your home.

Neatly yours,


P.S. – You may not see me actively engaged on social media but don’t fret, I’m still here IRL 😉

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