Interiors for Organized Living™

At the intersection of design and organization, Jeffrey provides a unique set of services. Tangible benefits are easy to see in his interior design portfolio, but there are deeper, meaningful changes that he implements, which can only be experienced. His intuition for where things belong, grouped with his knowledge of how households run efficiently is where the magical transformation occurs. Jeffrey will not only aesthetically treat your space for a beautiful and creative experience, but he will design your home so that is makes sense for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Whether you are starting from scratch, doing a refresh, or simply looking for a few pieces to finish a room, Jeffrey will work with you to create the finished space you desire. This includes (but is not limited to) space planning, color consultations, styling, as well as complete renovations.

Already have your core design team but need insight regarding organization, efficiency or flow? Jeffrey frequently collaborates with clients, as well as architects and other designers, to help design the most efficient, practical and beautiful solutions possible.

Beginning with an inventory of your belongings, Jeffrey will work with you to design custom storage solutions throughout your home. From primary dressing rooms to entire home storage plans, Jeffrey can collaborate with your design team or work with you on an independent project.

Looking to improve how a space functions or to make more room? Jeffrey will work with you to edit, declutter and organize your space to improve its efficiency and storage capability, as well as implement and discuss ways to make it maintainable.

Jeffrey will work with you to create a custom, in-depth catalog of household inventory. This is ideal for those preparing for a large move, downsizing, or looking to better manage their storage.

Planning a move into a new home? Moving back into your home after a major renovation? Jeffrey can help you settle in and get organized from the start. From discussing your layout and floor plan to organizing your kitchen down to the label, Jeffrey can help you and your family with one room or your entire home.


I’ve worked with Jeffrey on five occasions over the past three years and each time I’m reminded why I continue to hire him. Jeffrey never falls short of innovative ideas and more importantly, he has a manner of suggesting them in a way that isn’t intrusive. I've seen him in action both moving and redecorating my last two apartments; he is quick to identify problems and will just as readily provide a viable solution. Quite frankly, the reason I love walking into my space each evening is due to Jeffrey's meticulous eye for design. I encourage you to work with him and find out for yourself.

- Paul, Executive Recruiter

3 words; The Complete Package! Not only did Jeffrey Phillip provide balance and bring back some order into my life, he taught me a very important lesson that I will take away for years to come; start from the ground up, go back to basics, and live your life without CLUTTER! I finally feel like I can actually find everything in my closet, there is a place for each item and that is an invaluable convenience in my busy life. I’ve learned through working with an expert like Jeffrey that my apartment doesn’t have to have every inch filled with furniture in order for it to be decorated and every item of clothing doesn’t need to be kept. It can be chic while being simplicity, and most importantly, it can be manageable! Jeffrey Phillip has made my apartment look like a million bucks and that makes me happy!

- Jamie, Fashion Executive

Who else could I trust to give the keys to my house, go on a business trip, and come home to a perfectly organized and beautiful new office? Jeffrey Phillip. He has a sixth sense when it comes to organizing: when I need to find something, I just go to where my instincts tell me and 99.9% of the time, there's that missing thing I've been looking for that Jeffrey perfectly placed.

- Danny Seo, Green Lifestyle Expert

Working with Jeffrey Phillip was an absolute pleasure every step of the way. We hired Jeffrey to help decorate our newly renovated apartment, and from the very beginning he made such a great impression on us. From his work ethic and presentations to his detailed follow up emails, we knew we would be in great hands throughout the process. Jeffrey was able to work within our budget (and even came in under-budget) to help us choose everything from picture frames to bedroom furniture to finishing touches in our kitchen and living room. His attention to detail is incredible and each decision was handled in the most professional manner. My husband and I both work, and we have twin girls, so life is very busy for us. Jeffrey was able to work within our family's parameters and make the process enjoyable, but at the same time always used his time and our time wisely. We cannot say enough about the quality of Jeffrey’s work and, because of him, our apartment truly feels like a home!

- Pam, Public Relations Executive

I hired Jeffrey Phillip to help me make the transition to my new apartment with the hope that he could organize my life and create a sanctuary that I was happy to come home to. He not only met and exceeded those goals, he absolutely changed the way I live. He worked closely with me to understand my lifestyle, and he used that information to design and organize my ideal space. His absolute attention to detail coupled with his refreshing creativity and impeccable style manifested in an elegant and, more importantly, sustainable space. I never imagined that this lifestyle was attainable at this point in my life, but Jeffrey made it happen. I recommend him to anyone looking for a fresh start and a lifestyle makeover. I truly can’t say enough about Jeffrey Phillip and the positive impact his services have made in my life.

- Emily, Illustrator