The Project

Connecticut Playroom

The Transformation

As a child, it can be invaluable to have an area to freely explore your imagination and express your creativity. It fosters a sense of freedom and allows for creative growth… as well as helps keep the parents sane and the rest of the house clean.

After moving into their new home in Connecticut, one ex-New York City couple wanted to be sure their children had a space to call their own. A place where they could read, sing, paint, play cars, dress-up and just enjoy being a kid. By working closely with the parents to understand their children’s interests, I was able to design and organize a child-friendly basement that is fun, whimsical and easy to maintain.

At the end of the project, the children rushed into their newly finished room ecstatic to see all the changes! In a whirl of excitement, they quickly pulled out all of their toys, which were now easy to find and even easier to put away.

Art Area I – Before

Art Area I – After

Art Area II – Before

Art Area II – After

Art Area III – Before

Art Area III – After

Play Area I – Before

Play Area I – After

Play Area II – After

TV Area I – Before

TV Area I – After

TV Area II – Before

TV Area II – After