Grid it!

Whether you are traveling across town, or traveling across the country, there always seems to be lots of small gadgets and items to carry.  From lip-balm, to pens, to iPods, to headphones, to chargers… the list goes on and on.  No matter how organized you try to keep things, something always seems to get lost at the bottom of your bag, which inevitably results in you pulling everything out of the bag to find the lone item… until now.

I recently discovered this amazing product by Cocoon Innovations called Grid It.  I think it is one of the most versatile travel items I have ever seen and I think it is an absolute necessity.  It keeps everything from your keys to your camera organized and easily accessible.  The various sizes that it comes in makes it not only handy for your everyday bag, but also for managing all of your power cords while you are on the road and for organizing gaming equipment and tools.

P.S. – It will make for a great gift or stocking-stuffer

Grid It

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