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The holidays are around the corner and your shopping is almost done, but you still haven’t taken the time to sit down and write out the holiday greeting cards that mom insists should be sent.  Secretly, you are probably hoping that Santa’s elves will come and take care of it for you, as you still don’t know when you will fit in writing and addressing those thirty, sixty or one hundred cards.

My favorite solution to this dilemma at holiday time, or any other time of year that you require greeting cards or invitations, is Paperless Post.  This convenient, affordable, easy-to-use, green service allows you to create beautiful custom cards online in minutes.  However, these are not your typical online cards, as they are designed to look like beautiful, hand-made stationary and are free of advertisements and pop-ups.  Their unique designs and luxurious feel keeps these cards personal.

For $12 you can send 150 cards or invitations to the most important people on your list and confidently know that they will be delivered.  The online Post Box in your account allows you to track each card’s delivery to ensure it was delivered successfully, and even allows you to receive personal messages from the recipient.

So, make mom happy and send out those cards, but check out Paperless Post and use the time that you saved to attend another holiday party.

Paperless Post

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