A Drip Free Bottle

Christmas and New Year’s are almost here, which means the wine will most likely start flowing a bit more freely.  And, while we all love the wine being poured into our glass, we don’t really love the drips and run-away drops that glide down the bottle onto the tablecloth or counter.

To help you save those little drips and make sure that every delicious drop gets into your glass, head out to your nearest BedBath&Beyond and pick up this sleek and sophisticated wine stopper/pourer from OXO.  This nifty little gadget helps any host/hostess or avid wino accomplish the following important things…

  1. Reducing drips and spills while pouring the wine to help keep your tablecloth clean of deep red dots throughout dinner
  2. Creating an even and consistent flow, as well as aerating the wine while pouring it to ensure that your taste buds get the best experience
  3. Sealing the bottle for short-term storage with the easy to use lever to make sure that the wine stays as fresh as possible

This little gadget will not only save you some agony during the clean-up process by keeping your tablecloth free of wine stains this holiday, but it also serves as a perfect stocking stuffer for your fellow wino.

P.S. – Remember to drink responsibly this holiday season, and on every other occasion.

OXO wine stopper/pourer

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