A Multifunctional Ice Tray

From ice cube trays and a white wine chiller, to several healthy frozen dinners and a couple delicious homemade treats from mom, my freezer is stocked and lacking any spare room.  As with any tight space such as this, I am always on the lookout for multifunctional products that are not only more efficient, but help me maximize my space as well.  That is why I happily welcome one of my latest product discoveries – the IceOrb from Fusion Brands.

The IceOrb is the first vertical ice tray that will do everything from make ice to hold a chilled dip.  To help you get as excited about its multifunctional capabilities as I am, here are some key facts you should know:

  • Makes 21 cubes of ice on a vertical wall
  • Stores up to 51 cubes – airtight and odor free
  • Chills wine and other beverages in a bottle
  • Use as a cooler to keep cold foods fresh while serving

Watch the video below to see it in action…

Fusion Brands: IceOrb

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