Before + After: Organizing a Utility Closet

Even in the shoebox apartment capital of the world, New York, you can find hidden space opportunities. In this particular case, the client had a great storage closet. However, it wasn’t tricked out to properly handle their storage needs.

With some assistance from my handy dandy friend elfa, some clear storage boxes, and some hooks, I was able to create a storage solution that opened that space right up. The elfa system allowed me to customize the storage palette based on my client’s needs, the clear bins allowed me to group like items together for easier identification and access, and the hooks allowed me to get items like the lacrosse sticks off the floor.  As for the filing drawers… we found another solution for their filing, and relocated it to a smaller cabinet. Take a look at my supply list in my Springpad notebook below.

My favorite part of this transformation, is the elfa door unit that we used on the wall to hold gifting supplies and other misc items. It even conveniently stores the umbrellas! Creating my own solutions with the versatile elfa pieces is one of the reasons I keep going back to these ingenious products.

JeffreyPhillip - Before + After - Utility Closet

Springpad: Utility Closet Supply List

Springpad Utility Closet Supply List

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