Strikey: Key & Accessory Holder

Do you often find yourself looking for a place to drop your keys and sunglasses when you get home?  Do you struggle to find your keys before you leave your home?  Or do you just completely forget to grab them on the way out the door?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Strikey from 2ND Shift Design Studio in Cleveland, OH is the very handy solution that will put an end to any or all of these everyday problems.  A redesign to the standard strike plate found on most standard door frames, the Strikey is a simple solution and a fast install.  Simply remove your current strike plate and replace it with this newer, more functional version and you’ll be good to go. 😎

Strikey is made in America and available at

Superior Canvas Baskets for Storage

A sturdy, well-designed and reliable basket or bin is a invaluable asset around the home.  Whether it is used for laundry, sports paraphernalia, blankets or bushels of stuffed animals, it seems as though you can almost never have enough of these storage solutions.

Several months ago, one of my clients introduced me to the highly reputable, family run Steele Canvas Basket Company based in Chelsea, MA.  Established in 1921, this family run business makes some of the toughest, most superior baskets around… and they are all made in America.

Available in various sizes and styles (carry baskets, wheeled baskets, covered baskets, even tote bags), these customizable solutions are stylish enough to use in your home and sturdy enough to use in your garage.  You can even order them in a waterproof, anti-bacterial fabric that is tear-resistant and just as tough as canvas.

Some great examples of what they can be used for are: blankets, toys, stuffed animals, hampers/laundry, tools, sporting equipment, sports balls, firewood, picking fruit/vegetables,  pool toys, beach toys, the list goes on and on… what will your use be?

Available from: Steele Canvas Basket Company


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