Paper Meets Paperless

Here’s a handy little item for the office – a USB flash drive that doubles as a paperclip!   Conceived by Japanese design firm Nendo for the electronics brand Elecom, the Data Clip merges the world of paper and paperless so that digital documents and presentations can easily travel with their hardcopy constituents.  Available in 5 fun colors, the Data Clip is unfortunately only sold overseas at this time.  However, you can bet I’m awaiting its arrival here in the US.


Give Your Desk Flair

Jonathan Adler's Desk Dock Organizer

Tired of being surrounded by the dull colors in your office?  Add a little excitement to the space by giving your desk some organizational flair.  Jonathan Adler and Lifeguard Press have designed the perfect Desk Dock Organizer that allows you to very handily store everything from pens and pencils to paperclips and push pins.  It even manages the cord clutter on your desk from your iPod and mobile phone.  The Desk Dock Organizer comes in two vibrant patterns (Diamond and Greek Key) that are sure to add a little color to your space and put a smile on your face.

P.S. – It has also recently been mentioned on the O List!

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