The PetDossier

After frantically running around to pack yourself for your upcoming trip, you realize you haven’t gotten your pet’s info together for his sitter!  As you rummage around to find the vet’s phone number and write down all the necessary info, you grumble about why you don’t have all of this recorded in one spot already.  You think to yourself,  “there must be an easier way to keep this info up-to-date, organized and easily accessible.”

And, there is.. It is the PetDossier by {yep yup}.  This fun App for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch keeps all of your beloved pet’s info organized in one spot so it is always with you and easily transferable to whomever might be watching your furry friend.  You can store everything from his ID number to his favorite activities and toys, receive alerts and push notifications, and find the closest vet in an emergency situation.

So, this winter while you are away visiting family or soaking up the sun in Rio, you can rest assured that Fido will be safe and sound while getting the attention and treatment that he deserves.

PetDossier by {yep yup}

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