Vote for Style

Back in October, I attended an interior design event that was partly hosted by a new company called StyleFactory.  The company caught my attention because of its interactive experience, which allows consumers to be part of the design process by giving them the power to vote products into production.  Over the past several weeks, I have enjoyed visiting the site and have discovered some awesome products.  If you are someone who loves home furnishings, or dreams of being part of the design process, then StyleFactory is worth a visit.  They also have some great gifts for the holidays!

What is StyleFactory?

StyleFactory is an exciting new company that is helping to revolutionize the way that consumers can interact with designers.  It starts with designers (some new and some already established) posting their designs to  Then, consumers visit the site to vote on their favorite designs.  Once a design receives enough votes, it goes into production and is available for purchase!

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