Keep ’em Stiff: A Gift for the Prepster

Being organized is not just about the space in which you live or work.  It is also about your appearance, which is why I think Würkin Stiffs are a necessity for any button-down wearing man.

I was introduced to these simple, little, gems over a year ago and I love them for helping me tackle one of my biggest pet peeves  – a limp, flared collar.  Würkin Stiffs transform any dress shirt collar into a hidden-button-down collar with the use of a super strong magnet and a high-tech alloy (the same material found in aerospace engineering).  They are quick and easy to use, airport friendly and they are fully adjustable so you can wear your shirt collar however you like (see how in their how-to video).

Würkin Stiffs make a great gift, and they will always leave the man in your life looking fresh and crisp.

P.S. – I am also thrilled to say they now make a version for polo shirts!  Bye, bye curling collars!

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