The 10th Day of Neatness… – 12 Days of Neat Products for Holiday Giving


Today’s neat product comes straight at us from the fabulously chic, organizing gurus at PurseN. With an incredibly sensical approach to carrying jewels on the go, PurseN has captured both style and efficiency (my two favorite things, which you may have picked up) with their Tiara line of jewelry cases.  This trendy little tote gets all of your various jewelry essentials safely tucked up in one neat little place. Inspired by the Japanese art of Origami, these cases have separate compartments that unfold to ensure that precious metals don’t entangle themselves, scratch or pull on one another as you jaunt along whatever road you may be traveling. The best part is, these compartments are removable. That means you can customize your case to suit your treasure-toting needs. PurseN has a wide array of jewelry cases and travel cases that make organizing your travel essentials easy, stylish and more than a little fun! 

The 9th Day of Neatness… – 12 Days of Neat Products for Holiday Giving


So you bought a fancy looking pair of sunglasses. Whether you shelled a pretty penny at a designer store or bargained down to an actual penny at a street fair, you may have ended up with an equally fancy carrying case that’s more bulky than its worth. Nowadays, sunglasses are bigger and more audacious than in decades past, so naturally their cases have been designed to match. I can probably guarantee you that if the sunglasses case is hard covered, it probably takes up more than its fair share of real estate in your bag or briefcase.

Fortunately, I’ve got a fun solution to take back your tote and free up some space while still keeping those gorgeous sun-shielders protected. Meet the Flipcase™, an incredibly simple, smart design from Alison Wong at Integral Design based in San Francisco, California. The Flipcase™ goes from sturdy protective case to flattened space saver in seconds. It slides smoothly back in your bag or even in your back pocket. Manufactured using the same quality materials that protect your tablets and other digital devices, this little space-saver is beyond reliable. Flipcase™ is designed to fit 99% of sunglasses on the market, and the microfiber interior makes sure the lenses stay scratch free. It’s simple, fashionable and brilliant…and the kind of stocking stuffer that will barely take up any space!

Keep Your Beach Bag Organized

I am fairly certain that the last thing you are thinking about while you’re dreaming of escaping the oppressive city heat this week is keeping your beach bag organized, but here is a tip to prevent you from losing your Chapstick or your favorite necklace at the bottom of your bag this summer.

Since most beach bags are created as one large open tote, use an insert to help you make the most of your favorite bag.  Products like Purse To Go, Purse Perfector and Cocoon Innovations’ Grid-It! are perfect solutions to help you keep all your items organized.  Each of these products will allow you to give your summer necessities a home within your favorite bag or tote, as well as make everything easily accessible to prevent you from having to dump out the entire bag to find that refreshing pack of gum.

To keep smaller items like coins and jewelry organized, use small change purses or make-up bags to keep like items together and to keep things easily identifiable and accessible.  Oh, and don’t forget to pack a small bag for all those beautiful seashells you’ll collect as you stroll along the beach this summer. 🙂

A Place to Sit & Store Your Shoes

Accentuated by the bright and bold colors they are known for, Lilly Pulitzer will be debuting a home furnishings line with HFI this Summer.  The line will consist of 200+ pieces and one amazing Shoe-Storage Ottoman, which Real Simple just noted as “Destined to be a Classic” – I couldn’t agree more!  The ottoman should retail for around $599 and will be a great addition to bedrooms, walk-in closets and those compact New York City studio apartments where you can never have enough shoe storage.

Bag That Handbag

Ladies, the weather is disgusting this morning.  You are dreading stepping outside into the cold rain so you continue to procrastinate, despite the fact that you are already running late.  The last thing you have time to do is switch your $1,000 handbag to something more “weather appropriate.”  Instead, save yourself the time and hassle by bagging it with an Envirosax.  Simply place your pride and joy in a cute, reusable, waterproof bag and be on your way.  Envirosax’s waterproof bags come in a variety of styles and colors that you can coordinate with any outfit, or your favorite wellies.  Keep one at home, keep one at work, or better yet, carry one in your bag for emergency situations.  That way, even if you are caught in the rain without an umbrella, at least your Balenciaga will be dry.

P.S. – You’ll even be fashionably green since you will always be prepared with a reusable tote for those impromptu shopping excursions.

The Envirosax Reusable Tote

Clothing That Grows With Your Children

As a child, I remember my mother always buying clothing for me that was a bit too big so that it would fit me for more than season.  While I may have looked like I was drowning in fabric one year, the following year it was almost guaranteed to fit perfectly.  Even though I always wanted my clothing to fit properly from the beginning, as I look back I really can’t blame her for doing this as it was cost effective and efficient (two characteristics that I now have a business focused around).

Today, despite not having children of my own, I know that this issue still plagues mothers and their children as they shop annually for new sneakers, sweaters, pants and jackets while trying to beat the inevitable growth-spurt.  This is one of the reasons why I was so fascinated to discover the Lands’ End Grow-A-Long coat when I was recently visiting a friend during his sons’ play date.  I was so excited to find that Lands’ End had created a jacket that will grow with your son or daughter to allow for at least two, maybe three seasons of wear!  Finally, someone had incorporated efficiency and functionality into clothing in a way that went beyond just versatility.

The Grow-A-Long feature, available in both snow pants and jackets for boys and girls, allows the garment to grow up to an additional 2 inches on the sleeves and pant legs.  The extra material hides unnoticeably inside the sleeve or pant leg and is easily released by snapping a thread.  In addition, not only are the garments efficient, but they are also stylish, warm and versatile.

This amazing feature, coupled with the quality that Lands’ End has come to be known for, makes this line of clothing an excellent choice for children.  It will not only save families money, but it will also save them from the build-up of out grown clothing and trips to the local donation drop-off.

Lands’ End Grow-A-Long Clothing for Boys and Girls

A Gift for the Handbag Lover

Need a small gift or stocking stuffer for the handbag lover on your shopping list?  Checkout the Purse Hook from Red Envelope.  This simple little invention will help you, or your BFF, keep your vintage, Gucci handbag off the floor and safe from dirt and debris.  It easily folds up into a small disk for convenient travel so whether you are at work, a restaurant or getting a manicure you won’t need to worry about setting your handbag on the dirty floor.

Purse Hook from Red Envelope

Keep ’em Stiff: A Gift for the Prepster

Being organized is not just about the space in which you live or work.  It is also about your appearance, which is why I think Würkin Stiffs are a necessity for any button-down wearing man.

I was introduced to these simple, little, gems over a year ago and I love them for helping me tackle one of my biggest pet peeves  – a limp, flared collar.  Würkin Stiffs transform any dress shirt collar into a hidden-button-down collar with the use of a super strong magnet and a high-tech alloy (the same material found in aerospace engineering).  They are quick and easy to use, airport friendly and they are fully adjustable so you can wear your shirt collar however you like (see how in their how-to video).

Würkin Stiffs make a great gift, and they will always leave the man in your life looking fresh and crisp.

P.S. – I am also thrilled to say they now make a version for polo shirts!  Bye, bye curling collars!

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