How to Organize Your Pantry with Sara Jane Mercer


If you like to cook, or dream of cooking more often, having an organized kitchen is imperative.  By keeping your kitchen and pantry organized you will have the proper foods and tools more accessible, which will ultimately lead to a healthier diet and greater ease moving around your space while you’re slicing, dicing and sauteing.

I recently had the opportunity to work with my friend, whole living guru Sara Jane Mercer, to help her organize her pantry.  Since Sara spends a large part of her day in the kitchen creating new recipes and discovering ways to help her clients eat more healthfully in an easy and simple way, having the right foods easily accessible is very important to her.

After spending some time sorting, editing and labeling, we were able to create an organizational system that allows Sara to always see what she has on hand; saving her time and money (no more buying unnecessary duplicates).  To learn about the great tips and tricks I taught Sara and see the changes we made to improve her pantry, check out our quick and fun video.


Architectural Dish Drying

Here is a hot item that I came across at the black + blum booth while visiting the New York International Gift Fair earlier this week.

I’m in love with their approach to taking this basic, household item and turning it into an architecturally designed, functional piece that is not only more efficient in terms of its use (i.e. sturdy construction for delicate glass drying, a flip-up drainage spout, and removable cutlery holder), but also in its ability to be easily stored away.  It is the perfect solution for those of us who live in small spaces and have limited counter space in the kitchen.

In March,  black + blum was honored with the best product design award for the high&dry dishrack at the prestigious Homes&Gardens design awards in London.

Check out Google Shopping for a list of online retailers in the U.S.A. where you can purchase this everyday, must-have item.

Organized Dicing & Slicing

A couple months ago I wrote about The OCD Chef cutting board, which, due to its genius grid layout, enables you to dice and chop with exact precision.  Well, here is another great product that helps make the dicing and chopping of food prep easier and more organized.

The Ute Bowlboard, which is made of carbonized bamboo, was designed with four inlaid food prep bowls to help keep you organized.  Simply chop your ingredients and slide them into the appropriate bowl so they are neatly stored and ready for cooking.  The bowls sit flush to the surface of the board so there is no mess and not lost ingredients.

While you can purchase the Bowlboard direct from the manufacturer in Australia.  There is a limited supply still available through CSN Stores on in the US.

P.S. – It will also serves as a great snack tray with built-in condiment bowls!

The OCD Chef: Dice Perfection

Have you ever pondered if you were chopping the celery to a 1/2 inch or a 1/4 inch in size?  Well, rest assured that you will never have to ask yourself that question again.  Fred and Friends, one of the most fun and kitschy brands around, has just launched a new product called The OCD Chef.  Complete with a precise, measurement grid, The OCD Chef is a 9×12, wooden chopping board that is perfect for those of us who have obsessive chopping and dicing (OCD) tendencies.  The OCD Chef will help you ensure perfection as you prepare that delicious Minestrone soup with uniform potatoes, precisely chopped carrots and perfectly diced onions.

The OCD Chef, will make a great gift for the master chef in your life, or for those who are simply obsessed with perfection.  Keep an eye out for it at your local Fred and Friend’s retailer, or online, as it is just about to hit the market.  Rumor has it that it was a huge hit at the New York International Gift Fair last week so it shouldn’t be too hard to locate.

P.S. – Needless to say ocd4life, is obsessed with The OCD Chef. 🙂


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